Speaker, sponsors & host portals

Speaker, sponsors & host portals

You can maintain track of your virtual summit’s agenda and speakers using our built-in administration tool. Speakers and hosts receive hands-on training on the platform and knowledge of the interface navigation before they join for their Virtual Event.

  • Personalized self-service portals
  • Increased attendee contacts with personalized booths
  • Robust client & consumer relationship

Single point of contact throughout the event (SPOC)

Businesses can easily maintain track of the entire event with only one SPOC. Nextiz is also distinguished by its customer-focused attitude and service. A professional project manager is provided to each client to assist with the planning, development, and execution of successful Virtual Event experiences.

  • Experienced support
  • Proficient industry experts
  • Enabled support during live days
Single point of contact throughout the event (SPOC)
Live, simu-live and on-demanding streaming

Live, simu-live and on-demanding streaming

Allow your attendees to watch Live, Simu-Live, and On-Demand Streaming. These will not only encourage people to register, but they will also be able to access the session materials once the event is over. It has all of the same interaction features like a live event and allows for the simultaneous display of greater engagements.

  • Higher rate of prospective customers
  • Leading attendance
  • High interaction and engagements levels

Multi-language support

Curate translated material for your branded event website. By geographically localizing the material you create, you may reach a larger audience and communicate your point more clearly. Nextiz bridges the gap between individuals and organizations by allowing them to connect virtually. The language barrier, on the other hand, is an impediment that Nextiz is prepared to overcome.

  • Reach a larger target audience
  • Capture bigger geography
  • Higher networking chances
  • Reducing bounce and increasing conversion rates
  • Increased cultural sensitivity
Multi-language support
Time-zone integration and language localization

Time-zone integration and language localization

When planning a virtual event, it’s important to consider the time-zone integration that your participants will use to join the event. With a set time, your audience will be able to access and join the event in their own time zones with localized language support especially curated to enable more connectivity.

  • Global reach
  • High interaction with multi-cultural audiences
  • One point and venue for global premiere and event
  • Value-creation
  • Fosters international business partnerships

Large-scalable-secure branded specifications

With the Nextiz platform, you can provide your attendees with the entire branded experience of your company. Our platform is designed to project and execute large gatherings, scalable summits, and a secure gateway through which all data is gathered and encrypted to safeguard the privacy of guests, with the potential to serve thousands of people.

  • Intense change management
  • Equipped event methodology
  • Branded Personalizations
  • Data encryption and security
Large-scalable-secure branded specifications