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Consistent experience for in-person & remote audiences

Consistent experience for in-person & remote audiences

With Nextiz Hybrid Events find consistent user-immersive experience for both in-person and remote audiences. Utilize the industry’s most comprehensive hybrid meetings and events platform to offer a single event with two consistent experiences. Engage your in-person and virtual audiences in a shared, fully integrated digital experience to magnify and gather meaningful insights throughout the whole event gathering.

  • Increased audience reach
  • Greater audience reach
  • Bigger chances for sponsorships
  • Enhanced marketing pipeline
  • Stronger attendee environment
  • Global outreach and branding

Training to speakers & moderators

Speakers and hosts are given hands-on training on the platform as well as an understanding of the interface navigation before they participate in their virtual event. This will assist them to grasp the user forum while also allowing them to carry out their jobs and tasks efficiently. With our hands-on training, presenters and moderators are at ease and able to create compelling material without the stress of otherwise uncertain situations.

  • Greater sense of control over the event
  • Improved professionalism
  • Personal branding
  • Aligned sense of purpose with the brand
  • Ease of use
Training to speakers & moderators
Data collection, filtration & management

Data collection, filtration & management

To gain a holistic picture of the attendee journey, Nextiz makes it simple to store, monitor, and compare key data across hybrid and in-person events. Our flexible tool tracks and quantifies the return on investment of your event in real-time, compared to your set goals. The visual dashboards provide you with the visibility and insight you need to take action and optimize the value of your event. You can acquire, filter, and measure data at every stage of an event through analytics, and reporting.

  • Personalized process of data collection
  • Multi-channel data export value
  • Efficient structuring of data
  • Promotes informed decision
  • Enables centralized compliance

Organized dashboards

With our seamless platform and at-a-glance dashboard, you can centralize and harmonize your data in one place. With Nextiz, you can get simple reports and visual BI insights. Export and compare statistics to evaluate how your event is producing revenue and where you may cut costs in the future to improve your return on investment.

  • Accurate evaluation of event performance
  • Assess event ROI
  • Discover & resolve issues at scale
  • Enables data-driven insights
Organized dashboards
Integrated agenda

Integrated agenda

Create an engaging event agenda in minutes with keynote presentations, interactive meetings, and breakout sessions. Attendees can view keynotes in real-time, design their own agendas from relevant, on-demand content, and network with other attendees. Due to integrated agendas that feature links to sessions, participants can choose which sessions to include in their calendar based on popularity and participant involvement.

  • Focused on a defined goal
  • Foster networking and communications
  • Managed event schedules & calendars

Digital content hosting

Digital content is a beneficial and obvious extension of virtual events, in our opinion. Make use of a greater range of digital resources, such as video streams, podcasts, and on-demand video. Create material that meets the needs of your event while complementing audience engagement, since virtual events reach a broader audience.

  • Use of creative resources
  • Multi-channel distribution
  • Encourages interaction with global audiences
  • Aligns with varied attendee interests
  • Multiple sources of generating RoI
Digital content hosting

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