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The purpose of any occasion or event is to bring a matter of celebration to the forefront of your day. But imagine hosting a meet-up without any spectators. An event without the buzz, excitement, or even the right audience.  Of course, we all support the solo enthusiasts, but what would an event be without a gathering? Welcome to Nextiz, a next-generation idea for conducting virtual events online without the hassle of planning a physical event. Now, we are pretty sure that most of us are aware of zoom calls, skype sessions, and even Google meet, and while they are immensely popular applications, Nextiz’s purpose-built platform excels in numerous ways because our goal is to power great events with futuristic solutions that leverage years worth of excellence.

With the passage of time and technological advancements, we recognize that much has changed in the previous few years; technology has evolved, possibilities have tripled, and established firms have rebranded their goods; we understand the confusion.

Not a hoax, we truly are an all-in-one virtual events solution

Attendees at virtual events are very different from those who attend in person. They multitask, have shorter attention spans, are spread globally, speak a variety of languages, and spend less. Furthermore, 94 percent prefer desktops or laptops to phones. Here, there are significant behavioral variations at play that cannot be overlooked. Personalized technology So be very wary if you are suffering from basic technologies and repurposed products that are offered as new virtual resets! Your attendees will face fragmented, low-quality output with a language barrier for global audiences that will result in greater attrition and eventual massive failure. At Nextiz, we studied virtual attendees, speakers, sponsors, and hosts of a variety of events to develop a core platform that empowers networking tools, integrated break-room system, virtual exhibits in 3D environments, multi-language support that goes beyond translations for a global audience, and accessibility features for modern businesses.

Transparent and simple, we are your strategic partners and consultants for both micro and macro events

Nextiz provides various portals for each of your stakeholders, allowing them to handle their own data, accounts, images, uploads, and presentations without having to deal with endless emails. The majority of the effort necessary behind the scenes is what makes hosting an event, whether virtual, on-site, or both, so difficult. The list continues, from fees to sponsor logos, with each event having its own set of criteria for attendance. Nextiz makes organizing events with tens of thousands of people appear simple and straightforward. That’s how easy it is. Personalized technology

Features that simply set us apart!

Many event technologies provide solutions that seem suitable on the surface but are not intricately designed to hold and run all the requirements an event manager faces. Nextiz is an integrated, robust platform that delivers value to its users by simplifying the entire virtual event planning process. Here are just a few examples of the features that solve real problems-
  1. Private portals for speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors that include an automated task management system for managing their profiles as well as specific presentations and sessions.
  2. Lead collection for sponsors and exhibitors, with built-in rapid reporting and syncing between virtual events.
  3. Third-party integration, video networking, and streaming technologies make it all easy and cost-effective.
  4. Exhibit hall and networking interfaces in true 3D with real-time activity indications and animations.
  5. Advanced registration features and multiple sign-up and authentication options with a security-first approach.
  6. Automatically adjusts to and displays material that is translated for each attendee’s time zone, as well as loading event experiences depending on local data.
  7. Highly customized microsites to get your brand theme and voice across.
  8. Curated gamification options that are designed to encourage attendee behavior.
  9. Language support built-in, with the option to fully adjust translations.
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