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Virtual Conferences

Virtual Conferences

Nextiz allows hosts to organize large-scale Virtual Conferences in one location. This enables stakeholders to enjoy a consistent and unified brand experience.

Virtual Summits

Virtual Summits

Create Virtual Summits for high-caliber industry leaders. Collaborate seamlessly on presentations with opportunities to connect with peers around the world.

Virtual Town Hall Meeting

Virtual Town Hall Meeting

Establish centralized virtual destination for Town Hall Meetings and planning with seamless integration and live interaction across offices and locations.

Virtual Exhibitions

Virtual Exhibitions

Experience smart, flexible, and digital Virtual Exhibitions that showcase products, grow markets and connect with prospects.

Virtual Workshops

Virtual Workshops

Make an emotional connection with your audience by providing powerful learning while enabling location flexibility with Virtual Workshops.

Virtual Webinars

Virtual Webinars

Nextiz enables you to create interactive and instructive Webinars for audiences from all over the world by offering digitally engaging event experiences.

Hybrid Events

Hybrid Events

Customize the right experience to the right audience. Enable attendees to participate without travel costs or location barriers.

Virtual Webcast

Virtual Webcast

Use our Virtual Webcast to engage the host with the audience via media presentation delivered through our streaming technology.

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Why Nextiz?

Leverage 15+ years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies.

  • Trusted since 2006
  • An industry leader in managing web presence & IT development
  • Dependable, experienced team of professionals
  • Strategic Partners & consultants for both micro & macro events
  • Persevering & steadfast timeline execution
  • Personalized, white-glove service for brands
  • Advanced backend infrastructure capabilities
  • All-in-one centralized platform
Leverage 15+ years of experience working with <b>Fortune 500</b> companies.

Manage large-scale events with attendees from across the globe in real-time.

  • Branded event website
  • Flexible registrations
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Adopt a security-first strategy
  • End-to-end end data encryption
  • Password Protected Registration & Logins
  • 24*7 dedicated support
  • Dashboards and reporting
Manage large-scale events with attendees from across the globe in real-time.

Enable excellent client support while flawlessly executing your virtual event.

  • Marquee client handling for 15+ years
  • Dedicated account manager & support
  • Hands-on in-service platform training
  • Custom-built for stakeholders
  • Customized multi-day, multi-session event experience
  • Authentic immersive-user experience for speakers & attendees
  • Support-to-handle exceptions & enhanced customization
  • 360° analytics insight
Enable excellent client support while flawlessly executing your virtual event.

With Nextiz, You Can Fully Automate Your Events.

From webcasts and webinars to multi-day summits with thousands of participants, Nextiz’s automated event solutions make event planning easier and more efficient for the whole team.

  • Data security and Compliances
  • Adept at Experienced Change Management
  • Integration with Martech Tools
  • Real-Time Dashboards and Reporting
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An event Management Software is the magical wand that empowers event organizers to effortlessly manage every aspect of their event digitally. It automates and simplifies tasks, from registration and ticketing to venue management and attendee engagement. It's a toolbox of convenience and efficiency. A good event management software also includes the right marketing and business tools and high level of integration of third party apps.

An event management is the art of curating and crafting extraordinary experiences that captivate and delight attendees. The best example of an event management software is a platform where the host can plan, organize and get the desired outcome from the event. The plan includes defining the smooth process for attendees to register. Also, it includes how the event will be branded and promoted. While organizing the event, the best software provides proper options to give personalized experience to the attendees, keynote speakers and sponsors. And post events, the host can also get desired outcomes such as generating leads and getting business benefits.

Event management is simply a channel for network building for a company through interaction with like minded audience. Flawless event management helps the host in its branding and promotion, building trust among target audience and also get some loyal customers out of the attendees. In simpler words, event management consists of tasks from planning an event, setting the channels for registration for attendees, giving them proper information through various means, and finally making them trust the hosting company or brand.

An online event management system is a virtual sanctuary for event organizers seeking to seamlessly navigate the digital realm. It is equipped with a myriad of tools and features to simplify the complexities of planning and executing online events. From managing virtual registrations and ticketing to facilitating live streaming, interactive sessions, and networking opportunities, an online event management system empowers organizers to create engaging and immersive virtual experiences. It's the compass that guides them through the intricacies of hosting successful online events.

Following are the seven key elements of event management:

Visionary Conceptualization: The initial spark of inspiration, where the purpose, theme, and atmosphere of the event are crafted with creativity and imagination.

Meticulous Planning: The art of charting a course, mapping timelines, allocating resources, and meticulously planning every detail to ensure a seamless and well-coordinated event.

Strategic Marketing: Crafting captivating narratives, utilizing targeted promotions, and employing effective marketing channels to reach and entice the right audience to attend the event.

Engaging Experience Design: Creating an immersive and captivating experience through thoughtful design, content delivery systems, that provide personalized experience.

Impeccable Execution: The careful execution of plans, where event organizers bring everything together, smooth registrations, easy execution, and having control over every aspect.

Comprehensive Evaluation: Reflecting on the event's success, gathering feedback, analyzing data, and using insights to improve future events, ensuring a continuous cycle of growth and refinement.

Desired Outcomes: Variety of outcomes are expected from every event. Be it generating leads, getting more traffic, brand awareness, authority building, or direct sales, the expected results must be an outcome of the event.