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Although learning how to design an online experience may be completely new ground for many businesses, the present times demand a more creative approach to network across global borders. If you want to grow your audience as a business and benefit from virtual events, you must become familiar with this new era of virtual settings and events. The challenge is, how can you pull this off without learning a completely new set of skills? Alternatively, without using excessive time and effort? Our recommendation is rather straightforward: seek for a partner that can guide you through the full process while assessing a clear return on investment.

Define your virtual event platform goals

Consider the requirements for your virtual event before making a decision. Is it a summit of peers with similar interests? Perhaps a webinar to get consumers interested and raise the value of your brand? What would happen if you needed an inter-departmental or vertical meet-up? Every model can be executed with Nextiz. The Virtual event management software serves as a central hub for all of your virtual event requirements. From a streamlined virtual conference to a complete hybrid event, Nextiz offers various solutions for your virtual event. In order to set a proper impact on your online audience, it is crucial to comprehend the concept and requirement for the correct virtual event solution. To optimize your virtual event, refer to the checklist below.

Must haves features checklist

  • User-friendly interface- It’s important for the virtual event platform to be user-friendly. A user-friendly design is essential for both your experience and the experience of your attendees. Your visitors become users after they check in to your platform. They should be able to move around the platform with ease in order to get the most out of the event.
  • Future-Proof technology- Through the pandemic era and even after, recent years have demonstrated the need for being cautious and prepared in the face of adversities. Especially when it’s a matter of businesses and developing economies, being prepared for everything and investing in future-proof technologies are the major lessons. You will be able to achieve your long-term objectives if you choose a platform that supports all event kinds (online and hybrid). As a result, your investment will be sure to support you today and, in the future, regardless of how the event business develops.
  • Live, Pre-recorded, On-Demand streaming and Content- Offering top-notch, enterprise-grade hosting services is the most crucial need for a virtual event platform. Attendees should be able to stream the content in high definition whenever they want because of this feature. Pre-recorded events can be streamed live online through a webcast, and your platform of choice should have alternatives for broadcasting the event in any time zone for a worldwide audience. Make sure your audience can watch the event at their convenience by offering on-demand sessions. Not only will this broaden the potential audience, but it will also generate more information and encourage participation in the sales and marketing funnel's subsequent phases.
  • Real-time and post-event data management & analytics- One of the most important benefits of online events is having access to both real-time and post-event statistics. Event organizers frequently utilize this information to evaluate the success of past events and design future ones that will be even more successful. Choose a platform that can offer as many different sorts of information as possible, including sales, audience engagement, vendor booth participation, lead generation, network management, and clicks, to name a few viable choices. By examining the types of data, it can provide, you can ensure data and information compliance.
  • All-in-one platform- It's hard to manage the difficulties of virtual events, and as an event host or organizer, you'll have a lot more stakeholders to answer to. The last thing you want to do is mix up tools or misinterpret platform capabilities. To simplify your virtual planning and thus save time, money, and energy, you want to pick an all-in-one solution. From creating registration forms to building a microsite unique to your brand, every process must be streamlined by your one-stop solution. With this path, you can focus your attention on where it is most required and use all the resources to manage the event as per your requirement and need.
  • Customer Support and Troubleshooting- A dependable live-event support is a must-have for your virtual event. This will help your audience and troubleshoot your last-minute change management. A few support systems like live chat and Zendesk can be the ultimate booster for your virtual event. Their support team should be easily accessible through multiple channels, including live chat, email, or the telephone. With different virtual events, a dedicated account manager should always be one of the resources to look after the entire event implementation and execution. This will not just help in platform understanding but the understanding of the host and speaker portal too.

Don’t forget to enquire about the features for your unique need

  • Customization and branding- Your event branding needs to be consistent across all platforms and channels in order to leave a lasting impression and provide a seamless event experience. In order to make sure that your virtual events are memorable, find out if your platform uses this rigorous approach through the branded event website.
  • Multi-language translation & localization- It is essential that participants can receive event information in the language of their choice. Because offline meetings are no longer necessary, virtual events are now far more accessible to bigger, farther-flung audiences that desire new ways to interact with speakers and other participants. The ease and engagement of the event are improved by our bilingual assistance.
    • Multilingual assistance
    • Instantaneous linguistic translation
    • Videos that translate
    • Gathering feedback in the attendee’s local language
  • Lead Management- In determining where they are in the sales cycle, a data-driven strategy based on visitors' levels of event involvement may be quite beneficial. This improves event ROI while streamlining the lead qualification process. Post-event reports can provide valuable insight into how well an event went.
  • Attendee engagement and networking features- Attending an event is typically done to network and learn new things. Although live polls and Q&As are good for engagement, guests are also hoping to make useful contacts while they are there. To provide your attendees with a tangible experience, your platform should offer cutting-edge engagement tools. The essential networking tools are breakout rooms and networking lounges because they foster a sense of community.
  • Event amplification & promotion- Virtual event content creation and amplification is a crucial marketing tactics for reaching a wider audience. Giving relevant information to the possible audience that could register and attend future virtual events is the easiest way to keep interested high and sell event specifics. Your events will be enhanced with engaging social media, a dynamic event website, and personalized email marketing.

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Connect with our experts to make your next hybrid, or virtual event a resounding success. Event management software - Nextiz is a centralized platform, perfect to host your virtual event under one centralized platform. Create, connect and customize your event to resonate with your brand identity our dedicated event success team will support you all through your virtual event life cycle. Visit us at and host a gathering that will truly be an immersive and engaging experience for you and your audience.
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